Resetter Epson InkChip is a new Adjustment Program for Epson. So far, the program has only two functions: reading the used ink counter; resetting the Epson ink waste counter. Ink waste counter readings are available free of charge. You will need to purchase an Ink Chip WIC Key to reset the used ink counter.

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How to WIC reset Epson with InkChip Adjustment Program?

InkChip WIC reset is a very simple and easy to use program. To reset the ink pad, you need to connect your printer with a USB cable to a computer with the Windows operating system and an Internet connection. The reset procedure is performed in a few simple steps.
1. Open InkChip Adjustment Program and select “Waste ink counters”

InkChip Adjustment Program

2. Select the printer in which you need to reset the ink pad

InkChip Adjustment Program

3. Click “Read waste ink counters” and the program will display the value of the ink pad counter. If the counter value is 100%, the printer needs to reset the ink pad counter.
Note!!! If the value is less than 100%, resetting the counter may not work!

4. Click “Reset waste ink counters” for resetter Epson ink pad

InkChip Adjustment Program

5. The program will ask you to enter the Ink Chip WIC Key.

6. Buy an Ink Chip WIC Key from Market Print Service

Buy an Ink Chip WIC Key

7. Enter the key and click OK. The program connects to the InkChip server and reset the ink pad counter.

8. Restart the printer when prompted by the program. After restarting the printer, check the ink pad counter value and make sure that the reset was successful.

Very important!

After resetting the ink pad counter, be sure to replace the absorbent pad of the printer or equip your printer with an external waste ink container. Failure to do so will soon cause waste ink to leak out of the printer, contaminating your belongings and potentially damaging the printer’s internal components.

What models is the InkChip Adjustment Program compatible with?

InkChip Adjustment Program supports many Epson models. See the full list in the table below.

Epson 1280, Epson 1290, Epson 1390, Epson 1400, Epson 1410, Epson 1430, Epson 1500, Epson 2100, Epson 2200, Epson 785, Epson 825, Epson 890, Epson 895, Epson 900, Epson 915, Epson 925, Epson 935, Epson 950, Epson 960
Artisan Epson Artisan 1430, Epson Artisan 50, Epson Artisan 700, Epson Artisan 710, Epson Artisan 720, Epson Artisan 730, Epson Artisan 800, Epson Artisan 810, Epson Artisan 830, Epson Artisan 837
B Epson B1100, Epson B30, Epson B40, Epson B42
BX Epson BX300, Epson BX305, Epson BX310, Epson BX320, Epson BX525, Epson BX535, Epson BX600, Epson BX610, Epson BX620, Epson BX625, Epson BX630, Epson BX635, Epson BX925, Epson BX935
C Epson C110, Epson C1150, Epson C1160, Epson C60, Epson C61, Epson C62, Epson C70, Epson C760, Epson C80, Epson C82, Epson C860
CX Epson CX2800, Epson CX2900, Epson CX3100, Epson CX3200, Epson CX3300, Epson CX3400, Epson CX3700, Epson CX3800, Epson CX3900, Epson CX4000, Epson CX4100, Epson CX4200, Epson CX4700, Epson CX4800, Epson CX4900, Epson CX5000, Epson CX5900, Epson CX6000, Epson CX7300, Epson CX7400, Epson CX7700, Epson CX7800, Epson CX8300, Epson CX8400, Epson CX9300
DX Epson DX3800, Epson DX4000, Epson DX4200, Epson DX4800, Epson DX5000, Epson DX6000, Epson DX7400, Epson DX8400, Epson DX9400
E Epson E-300, Epson E-330, Epson E-340, Epson E-350, Epson E-360, Epson E-500, Epson E-520, Epson E-600, Epson E-700
EP Epson EP-10, Epson EP-301, Epson EP-302, Epson EP-306, Epson EP-4004, Epson EP-702, Epson EP-703, Epson EP-705, Epson EP-706, Epson EP-707, Epson EP-708, Epson EP-709, Epson EP-771, Epson EP-774, Epson EP-775, Epson EP-776, Epson EP-801, Epson EP-802, Epson EP-803, Epson EP-804, Epson EP-805, Epson EP-806, Epson EP-807, Epson EP-808, Epson EP-901, Epson EP-902, Epson EP-903, Epson EP-904, Epson EP-905, Epson EP-906, Epson EP-907, Epson EP-976, Epson EP-977, Epson EP-978, Epson EP-979, Epson EP-M570
ET Epson ET-1110, Epson ET-1111, Epson ET-1112, Epson ET-1113, Epson ET-1114, Epson ET-1115, Epson ET-1116, Epson ET-1118, Epson ET-14000, Epson ET-2500, Epson ET-2550, Epson ET-2600, Epson ET-2610, Epson ET-2650, Epson ET-2700, Epson ET-2701, Epson ET-2702, Epson ET-2703, Epson ET-2704, Epson ET-2705, Epson ET-2706, Epson ET-2708, Epson ET-2710, Epson ET-2711, Epson ET-2712, Epson ET-2713, Epson ET-2714, Epson ET-2715, Epson ET-2716, Epson ET-2718, Epson ET-2720, Epson ET-2721, Epson ET-2722, Epson ET-2723, Epson ET-2724, Epson ET-2725, Epson ET-2726, Epson ET-2728, Epson ET-2750, Epson ET-2751, Epson ET-2756, Epson ET-2760, Epson ET-3600, Epson ET-4500, Epson ET-4550, Epson ET-4700, Epson ET-M1100, Epson ET-M1120
K Epson K100, Epson K101, Epson K200, Epson K201, Epson K300, Epson K301
L Epson L100, Epson L110, Epson L111, Epson L1110, Epson L1118, Epson L1119, Epson L120, Epson L1210, Epson L1216, Epson L1218, Epson L1219, Epson L1250, Epson L1256, Epson L1258, Epson L1259, Epson L130, Epson L1300, Epson L132, Epson L15150, Epson L15160, Epson L1800, Epson L200, Epson L210, Epson L211, Epson L220, Epson L222, Epson L300, Epson L301, Epson L3050, Epson L3060, Epson L3070, Epson L310, Epson L3100, Epson L3101, Epson L3104, Epson L3105, Epson L3106, Epson L3107, Epson L3108, Epson L3109, Epson L3110, Epson L3111, Epson L3114, Epson L3115, Epson L3116, Epson L3117, Epson L3118, Epson L3119, Epson L312, Epson L3150, Epson L3152, Epson L3153, Epson L3156, Epson L3158, Epson L3160, Epson L3161, Epson L3163, Epson L3165, Epson L3166, Epson L3168, Epson L3200, Epson L3201, Epson L3203, Epson L3205, Epson L3206, Epson L3207, Epson L3208, Epson L3209, Epson L3210, Epson L3211, Epson L3213, Epson L3215, Epson L3216, Epson L3217, Epson L3218, Epson L3219, Epson L3250, Epson L3251, Epson L3253, Epson L3255, Epson L3256, Epson L3257, Epson L3258, Epson L3259, Epson L3260, Epson L3261, Epson L3263, Epson L3265, Epson L3266, Epson L3267, Epson L3268, Epson L3269, Epson L350, Epson L351, Epson L355, Epson L356, Epson L358, Epson L360, Epson L362, Epson L364, Epson L365, Epson L366, Epson L375, Epson L380, Epson L382, Epson L383, Epson L385, Epson L386, Epson L395, Epson L396, Epson L405, Epson L4150, Epson L4156, Epson L4158, Epson L4160, Epson L4167, Epson L4168, Epson L4250, Epson L4251, Epson L4253, Epson L4255, Epson L4256, Epson L4257, Epson L4258, Epson L4259, Epson L4260, Epson L4261, Epson L4263, Epson L4265, Epson L4266, Epson L4267, Epson L4268, Epson L4269, Epson L455, Epson L456, Epson L475, Epson L485, Epson L486, Epson L495, Epson L5190, Epson L5196, Epson L5198, Epson L5290, Epson L5296, Epson L5298, Epson L550, Epson L551, Epson L555, Epson L565, Epson L575, Epson L605, Epson L606, Epson L6160, Epson L6161, Epson L6170, Epson L6171, Epson L6190, Epson L6191, Epson L6260, Epson L6266, Epson L6268, Epson L6270, Epson L6276, Epson L6278, Epson L6290, Epson L6296, Epson L6298, Epson L655, Epson L6550, Epson L6551, Epson L6558, Epson L656, Epson L6570, Epson L7160, Epson L800, Epson L805, Epson L810, Epson L8160, Epson L850
M Epson M100, Epson M105, Epson M1100, Epson M1108, Epson M1120, Epson M1128, Epson M200, Epson M205
N Epson N11
NX Epson NX100, Epson NX110, Epson NX120, Epson NX125, Epson NX127, Epson NX130, Epson NX200, Epson NX210, Epson NX215, Epson NX220, Epson NX230, Epson NX300, Epson NX305, Epson NX330, Epson NX400, Epson NX410, Epson NX415, Epson NX420, Epson NX430, Epson NX435, Epson NX510, Epson NX515, Epson NX530, Epson NX620, Epson NX625, Epson NX635
P Epson P50
PX Epson PX-045a, Epson PX-046A, Epson PX-047A, Epson PX-048A, Epson PX-049A, Epson PX-1001, Epson PX-1004, Epson PX-101, Epson PX-105, Epson PX-1200, Epson PX-1600, Epson PX-1700, Epson PX-201, Epson PX-203, Epson PX-204, Epson PX-404, Epson PX-405, Epson PX-434, Epson PX-435, Epson PX-436, Epson PX-437, Epson PX-501, Epson PX-502, Epson PX-503, Epson PX-504, Epson PX-505, Epson PX-535, Epson PX-5600, Epson PX-601, Epson PX-602, Epson PX-603, Epson PX-673, Epson PX650, Epson PX660, Epson PX700, Epson PX710, Epson PX720, Epson PX730, Epson PX800, Epson PX810, Epson PX820, Epson PX830
R Epson R1800, Epson R1900, Epson R200, Epson R2000, Epson R210, Epson R220, Epson R230, Epson R240, Epson R2400, Epson R245, Epson R250, Epson R260, Epson R265, Epson R270, Epson R280, Epson R285, Epson R2880, Epson R290, Epson R295, Epson R300, Epson R3000, Epson R310, Epson R320, Epson R340, Epson R350, Epson R360, Epson R380, Epson R390, Epson R800
RX Epson RX420, Epson RX425, Epson RX430, Epson RX500, Epson RX510, Epson RX520, Epson RX530, Epson RX560, Epson RX565, Epson RX580, Epson RX585, Epson RX590, Epson RX595, Epson RX600, Epson RX610, Epson RX615, Epson RX620, Epson RX630, Epson RX640, Epson RX650, Epson RX680, Epson RX685, Epson RX690, Epson RX700
S Epson S20, Epson S21, Epson S22
SC Epson SC-P400, Epson SC-P405, Epson SC-P407, Epson SC-P408, Epson SC-P600, Epson SC-P607, Epson SC-P608
SX Epson SX100, Epson SX105, Epson SX110, Epson SX115, Epson SX117, Epson SX125, Epson SX130, Epson SX200, Epson SX205, Epson SX209, Epson SX210, Epson SX215, Epson SX218, Epson SX230, Epson SX235, Epson SX400, Epson SX405, Epson SX409, Epson SX410, Epson SX415, Epson SX419, Epson SX420, Epson SX425, Epson SX430, Epson SX435, Epson SX440, Epson SX510, Epson SX515, Epson SX525, Epson SX535, Epson SX600, Epson SX610, Epson SX620
T Epson T10, Epson T11, Epson T1100, Epson T1110, Epson T12, Epson T13, Epson T20, Epson T21, Epson T22, Epson T23, Epson T24, Epson T25, Epson T26, Epson T27, Epson T30, Epson T33, Epson T40, Epson T42, Epson T50, Epson T59, Epson T60
TX Epson TX100, Epson TX101, Epson TX102, Epson TX103, Epson TX104, Epson TX105, Epson TX106, Epson TX109, Epson TX110, Epson TX111, Epson TX112, Epson TX113, Epson TX114, Epson TX115, Epson TX117, Epson TX119, Epson TX120, Epson TX121, Epson TX125, Epson TX130, Epson TX133, Epson TX135, Epson TX200, Epson TX205, Epson TX209, Epson TX210, Epson TX215, Epson TX219, Epson TX220, Epson TX230, Epson TX235, Epson TX300, Epson TX320, Epson TX325, Epson TX400, Epson TX405, Epson TX409, Epson TX410, Epson TX415, Epson TX419, Epson TX420, Epson TX430, Epson TX435, Epson TX510, Epson TX515, Epson TX525, Epson TX550, Epson TX560, Epson TX600, Epson TX610, Epson TX620, Epson TX650, Epson TX659, Epson TX700, Epson TX710, Epson TX720, Epson TX730, Epson TX800, Epson TX810, Epson TX820, Epson TX830
WF Epson WF-2010, Epson WF-2011, Epson WF-2018, Epson WF-2510, Epson WF-2511, Epson WF-2518, Epson WF-2520, Epson WF-2521, Epson WF-2528, Epson WF-2530, Epson WF-2531, Epson WF-2538, Epson WF-2540, Epson WF-2541, Epson WF-2548, Epson WF-2630, Epson WF-2631, Epson WF-2635, Epson WF-2650, Epson WF-2651, Epson WF-2655, Epson WF-2660, Epson WF-2661, Epson WF-2665, Epson WF-2750, Epson WF-2751, Epson WF-2755, Epson WF-2760, Epson WF-2761, Epson WF-2765, Epson WF-3720, Epson WF-3723, Epson WF-3725, Epson WF-3730, Epson WF-3733, Epson WF-3735, Epson WF-7010, Epson WF-7011, Epson WF-7012, Epson WF-7015, Epson WF-7018, Epson WF-7510, Epson WF-7511, Epson WF-7515, Epson WF-7520, Epson WF-7521, Epson WF-7525
WorkForce Epson WorkForce 1100, Epson WorkForce 30, Epson WorkForce 310, Epson WorkForce 315, Epson WorkForce 320, Epson WorkForce 321, Epson WorkForce 323, Epson WorkForce 40, Epson WorkForce 42, Epson WorkForce 545, Epson WorkForce 60, Epson WorkForce 600, Epson WorkForce 610, Epson WorkForce 615, Epson WorkForce 625, Epson WorkForce 630, Epson WorkForce 633, Epson WorkForce 635, Epson WorkForce 645, Epson WorkForce 840, Epson WorkForce 845
XP Epson XP-100, Epson XP-102, Epson XP-103, Epson XP-20, Epson XP-200, Epson XP-201, Epson XP-202, Epson XP-203, Epson XP-204, Epson XP-205, Epson XP-206, Epson XP-207, Epson XP-208, Epson XP-210, Epson XP-2100, Epson XP-2101, Epson XP-211, Epson XP-212, Epson XP-213, Epson XP-214, Epson XP-215, Epson XP-2150, Epson XP-2151, Epson XP-2155, Epson XP-216, Epson XP-217, Epson XP-220, Epson XP-221, Epson XP-225, Epson XP-230, Epson XP-231, Epson XP-235, Epson XP-240, Epson XP-241, Epson XP-242, Epson XP-243, Epson XP-245, Epson XP-247, Epson XP-255, Epson XP-257, Epson XP-30, Epson XP-300, Epson XP-301, Epson XP-302, Epson XP-303, Epson XP-305, Epson XP-306, Epson XP-310, Epson XP-311, Epson XP-312, Epson XP-313, Epson XP-315, Epson XP-320, Epson XP-322, Epson XP-323, Epson XP-325, Epson XP-33, Epson XP-330, Epson XP-332, Epson XP-335, Epson XP-340, Epson XP-342, Epson XP-343, Epson XP-345, Epson XP-352, Epson XP-355, Epson XP-400, Epson XP-401, Epson XP-402, Epson XP-403, Epson XP-405, Epson XP-406, Epson XP-410, Epson XP-411, Epson XP-412, Epson XP-413, Epson XP-415, Epson XP-420, Epson XP-422, Epson XP-423, Epson XP-424, Epson XP-425, Epson XP-430, Epson XP-431, Epson XP-432, Epson XP-434, Epson XP-435, Epson XP-440, Epson XP-441, Epson XP-442, Epson XP-445, Epson XP-446, Epson XP-447, Epson XP-452, Epson XP-455, Epson XP-510, Epson XP-520, Epson XP-530, Epson XP-540, Epson XP-55, Epson XP-600, Epson XP-601, Epson XP-605, Epson XP-610, Epson XP-611, Epson XP-615, Epson XP-620, Epson XP-621, Epson XP-625, Epson XP-630, Epson XP-640, Epson XP-700, Epson XP-701, Epson XP-702, Epson XP-710, Epson XP-720, Epson XP-721, Epson XP-750, Epson XP-760, Epson XP-800, Epson XP-801, Epson XP-802, Epson XP-810, Epson XP-820, Epson XP-821, Epson XP-830, Epson XP-850, Epson XP-860, Epson XP-900, Epson XP-950, Epson XP-960

Where to download resetter Epson InkChip?

You can download the latest version of Epson Resseter InkChip using the links in the table below.

Language Version
English 1.15 Download resetter Epson
Spanish 1.15 Descargar resetter Epson
Portuguese 1.15 Baixe o resetter Epson
Turkish 1.15 Sıfırlayıcı Epson’u indirin
Chinese (Simplified) 8.05 下载复位器爱普生
russian 1.15 Скачать resetter Epson


11 reviews for InkChip Adjustment Program

  1. Staley

    Good program!

  2. Aurora

    Very easy and attractive! Thanks for the WIC Resetter program and the good instructions on how to use it!

  3. Hasan

    Wow, so many Epson models.

  4. Devlin

    I saw that the InkChip Adjustment Program has recently added an enhanced printhead cleaning feature for Epson printers. It is very handy next to the WIC resetter.

  5. Maribel

    Not only does this work for ink pad reset, I can also perform an enhanced print head cleaning for my Epson L3250.

  6. ferreira63

    A good solution for ordinary users of Epson printers. Service centers need more functionality.

  7. Allan

    Quite convenient Epson Adjustment Program

  8. lyle

    Epson Resetter has never been so easy! Thanks!

  9. Darell

    Nice article and wide range of compatible models!

  10. valeria

    Reset the used ink counter on my Epson ET-2710!

  11. layton

    As a user who has recently used the Resetter Epson InkChip program, I can say that it is a very useful tool for those who want to reset their Epson printer’s ink pad counter. The program is easy to download and install, and the instructions provided on the website are very clear and easy to follow.

    I was impressed by the fact that the program offers a free reading of the ink waste counter, which allows you to determine whether the printer needs a reset or not. However, it is important to note that resetting the counter requires the purchase of an Ink Chip WIC Key, which is an additional cost.

    The program is compatible with many Epson printer models, which is great because it makes it accessible to a larger group of users. The steps provided in the program are very easy to follow, and the reset process only takes a few minutes.

    Overall, I would highly recommend the Resetter Epson InkChip program to anyone who needs to reset their Epson printer’s ink pad counter. The program is easy to use, efficient, and comes with clear instructions. The only downside is the additional cost of purchasing an Ink Chip WIC Key, but it is a small price to pay for extending the life of your printer.

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