Epson WF-2838 helps to solve problem of the high cost of consumables for printing on the Epson WF-2838 printer.

To firmware Epson WF-2838 in chipless, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Download chipless firmware for Epson WF-2838 from one of the links below:

Step 2:

Connect the printer you want to flash with a USB cable to your computer. If the printer is connected via Wi-Fi, the firmware will not work.

Turn on the printer using the power button.

Step 3:

Unzip the firmware archive and run the EPFWUPD.EXE file from the archive. 

Step 4:

Read the introductory text of the program and click Next

chipless firmware

Step 5:

Accept user agreement click next

Chipless Firmware

Step 6:

Click the Start button and accept the warning about updating the firmware

Chipless Printer

Chipless Firmware

At this point, the chipless firmware will be downloaded to the printer. The firmware progress will be
shown on the display. The completion of the process of downloading the firmware to the printer will be
indicated by the reboot of the printer.
If the firmware progress freezes for more than 30 minutes, unplug the power cord and start printer manually with
only one “turn on”.

Step 7:

At this stage, you need to download the chipless firmware activation program from the link below:

Step 8:

Run the activation program, select your WF-2838 from the drop-down list and click the “Activate online” button.

Chipless Firmware

Step 8:

In the window that opens, enter the Chipless Firmware Activation Key and click OK. The program will send a request to the server and perform firmware activation, after which the printer will reboot and become ready.

The activation key for chipless firmware can be purchased by clicking on this link.

Buy an activation key only at this stage, making sure that your printer supports chipless firmware.

Step 9:

Copy and save the unique firmware recovery code from the corresponding field of the activation program. You will need this code in cases where you need to reactivate the chipless firmware.

Activation Key for making Epson

Step 10:

Make sure the printer has ink-filled consumables installed. 

Epson WF-2838 chipless firmware installed. Remember to keep an eye on the ink levels in the cartridges or CISS and do not print without ink.

If you have any difficulties installing or activating a chipless firmware, our specialists are always ready to carry out a remote consultation in Telegram.

Please note that when installing chipless firmware on your own, we are not responsible for the final result.


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1 review for Epson WF-2838 Chipless Firmware

  1. kyleigh11

    I recently purchased the Epson WF-2838 printer for my home office, and was shocked at how quickly I was running through ink cartridges. I knew there had to be a better solution, so I started researching alternatives and discovered chipless firmware. After some hesitation, I decided to take the plunge and install the chipless firmware on my WF-2838.
    I’m happy to say that it was a great decision. The installation process was a bit daunting at first, but following the instructions carefully made it a relatively simple process. Once I had the firmware installed, I noticed a significant difference in the amount of ink being used. With the original firmware, I was constantly replacing cartridges, but with the chipless firmware, I’ve gone months without having to refill the ink tanks.
    Another benefit of the chipless firmware is the ability to use third-party ink, which is much cheaper than the Epson branded ink. This has saved me a considerable amount of money over time.
    Overall, I’m extremely happy with the decision to install chipless firmware on my Epson WF-2838 printer. It has saved me money, time, and frustration, and has allowed me to focus more on my work without constantly worrying about running out of ink. I highly recommend this option to anyone who is looking for a more cost-effective and efficient printing solution.

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