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Epson L3150 colour printing problem

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Epson L3150 colour printing problem – strange, but this happens. We are all used to the fact that Epson printers work stably and there are never any problems with them, but unfortunately, color printing problems do happen. In this article, we will consider what exactly can be problems with color printing, their causes, methods of solving problems with color printing, as well as means of preventing problems with printing.

What are the problems with color printing in the Epson L3150?

The most common problem with color printing is that the printer stops printing one or more colors, resulting in incorrect colors or missing segments of the image.

Epson L3150 colour printing problem

It is also possible that the image completely stops printing and you get a half blank sheet.

Epson L3150 colour printing problem

In addition, vertical and horizontal shifts of the image are possible, which creates a “matrix effect” on the final printed image.

Epson L3150 colour printing problem

What are the causes of Epson L3150 colour printing problem?

Epson printers, including the Epson L3150, are quite reliable and stable in their work. The most frequent causes of the Epson L3150 colour printing problem are violations of the rules of operation of the device, namely the use of low-quality consumables, a long idle time of the printer without printing, or failure to follow the basic rules for the care of the print head of the printer.

Often, users simply forget to refill the printer with ink in a timely manner, which immediately affects the quality of color printing and can lead to the failure of the printer’s print head.

Printing problems also occur with long-term use of the printer. Such problems may be due to contamination of the device’s sensors or mechanical wear of its parts.

Rarely, but still, there are cases of Epson L3150 factory failure.

How to solve problems with Epson L3150 color printing?

Next, we will try to describe several steps that you need to take to solve Epson L3150 color printing problems.

Step 1: Check for ink in the printer tanks.

The Epson L3150 is an Ink Tank series printer, so it has built-in ink tanks. The manufacturer advises to regularly check the ink level in these containers. Therefore, the first step in diagnosing problems with color printing will be to check the presence of ink in the containers. In the Epson L3150, the ink tanks are located on the right side of the front of the printer.

Ink Tank Epson L3150

Make sure you have enough ink of each color in the containers. The minimum acceptable ink level is the bottom mark on the transparent container body, but we recommend not allowing the ink level to drop below the second mark from the bottom.

ink level epson l3150

Therefore, if the ink level in the tanks of your printer is below the recommended level, perform the procedure for refilling the printer with ink. Video instructions for refilling Ink Tank printers are available on our YouTube channel.

At the same time, you should use only the type of ink that is already used in the printer. If you use dye ink, then under no circumstances should you add pigment ink to this printer, or vice versa. Also, do not mix ink from different manufacturers. Mixing inks can cause microscopic clogs to form in the tanks and internal channels of the printer, causing the printer’s print head to fail.

If the amount of ink in the printers is normal or their refilling did not help to solve the problem – go to the next step.

Step 2: Test the printer and standard print head cleaning.

The main test for checking the print quality of Epson printers is the nozzle check. To check the nozzles, use the printer control panel and follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the printer using the power button.
  2. Load A4 paper into the printer.
  3. Press the STOP button, then, without releasing the STOP button, turn on the printer with the power button. Wait until the power light starts flashing and release both buttons.
    L3150 print nozzle check
  4. Wait for the nozzle check pattern to print and review it. If it does not have broken lines or missing segments as shown in the “OK” pattern below, the nozzles are not clogged and you can proceed to the next step in diagnosing color printing problems. If the pattern has broken lines or missing segments as shown in the “NG” pattern, the printhead nozzles may be clogged and need cleaning. checking nozzles epson
  5. To run a standard print head cleaning, press and hold the STOP button on the printer panel for about five seconds until the power light starts flashing. It will run a printhead cleaning program that will run for a few minutes until the power light stops blinking.
  6. After the cleaning is complete, repeat the printing of the nozzle pattern and make sure that the defects in the pattern have disappeared. If the defects have not disappeared, repeat the procedure for cleaning the print head.

When performing a program print head cleaning, a significant amount of ink is used, so keep a close eye on the ink level in the tanks. Cleaning with the minimum ink level in the printer tanks is not allowed.

Do not perform more than five print head cleaning programs. If after the fifth cleaning the result is not satisfactory, further cleaning will not lead to its improvement, but on the contrary, it may worsen the condition of the printer.




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  1. Den

    Thank you very much for your help in solving my Epson L3150 colour printing problem

  2. Robin

    Bad feeder sensor. After around 2 years, intermittent problems when carrying out even light printing. Do not buy if you can help it

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