Epson ET-2726 Resetter aka Epson ET-2726 Adjustment Program is a special software designed for servicing the Epson ET-2726 printer.

Epson ET-2726 is an inkjet printer that is designed for printing photos at home. The device has established itself as a reliable and powerful printing assistant. But despite this, sometimes the device may give an error about the need to replace the waste ink pad counter. Along with this message from the printer driver, two red lights on the product panel will flash.

Why does the waste ink pad counter error occur?

When you clean the print head and some print cycles, a small amount of excess ink will drip onto the ink pad. To prevent ink from flowing out of the pad, when a certain amount of ink absorbed by the pad reaches a certain amount, the printer stops printing and generates a corresponding error. The fill rate of the absorbent pad depends on the number of pages printed, the type of material printed, and the number of cleaning cycles the printer performs.

What to do with waste ink pad counter error ?

Most users in this situation tend to think that they will have to contact a specialized Epson service center to fix the error, but we assure you that in most cases this error can be solved on your own using the Epson ET-2726 Adjustment Program utility. On this page you can download the Epson ET-2726 Resetter for free and study the instructions for resetting the waste ink counter using it.

Waste ink pad counter error reset instructions Epson ET-2726

1. Download the Epson ET-2726 Resetter from this link.

2. Unpack the archive with the program on your Windows computer.

3. Find Adjprog.exe in the unpacked files and run it:


4. In the window that opens, press the “SELECT” button:

Epson Adjustment Program

5. In the next window, select the ET-2726 of your printer (if the program is compatible with only one device, the choice of ET-2726 will be blocked):

Epson Adjustment Program

6. In the same window, select the port by which the device is connected to the computer (when the device is connected and working properly, the device ET-2726 will be written in the port name) and confirm the selection with the “OK” button:

Epson Adjustment Program

7. Click the “Particular adjustment mode” button:

Epson Adjustment Program

8. In the window that opens, find and select the “Waste ink pad counter” item, then confirm the selection with the “OK” button:

Epson Adjustment Program

9. The absorbent pad service menu opens. To check if the “pad” counter is full, check the box next to the “Main pad counter” item and click the “Check” button:

Waste ink pad counter

10. The program calculates the data on the fullness of the “diaper” and displays them:

Waste ink pad counter

11. In the case when the percentage of the counter has reached 100%, it is necessary to reset the waste ink counter. To do this, check the box next to the “Main pad counter” item and click the “Initialize” button:

Waste ink pad counter

12. The program will connect to the printer and reset the waste ink counter. A pop-up window will then appear instructing you to restart the printer. Reboot the printer and click “OK”.

13. Check if the service counter is full after performing a reset. To do this, check the box next to the “Main pad counter” item and click the “Check” button:

Waste ink pad counter

14. If the reset procedure is successful, the counter will be zero:


The electronic reset of the counters must be accompanied by a physical replacement of the absorbent pad or by the withdrawal of an external waste ink bottle. Otherwise, the waste ink bottle will overflow and ink will flow from it to the installation site, and may also get onto the electronic components of the printer and damage it.

Other Adjustment Program functions for Epson ET-2726
  • Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter Epson ET-2726
  • EEPROM initial setting
  • Initial Ink Charge
  • Head ID Setting
  • Top margin Adjustment
  • Bi-D Adjustment
  • USB ID Input
  • Cleaning the Print Head

The program images shown in this manual may differ from the actual appearance of the program for a specific device ET-2726. We are not responsible for the misuse of the program.

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