1749772 waste ink bottle is a special container or service box designed to collect and safely store waste ink.

Waste ink in inkjet printers is generated during head cleaning. This is exactly the ink that the printer drives through the nozzles of the head to clean it. The Epson waste ink bottle should be used when the printer tells you to replace the waste ink bottle or the printer’s absorbent pad.

To replace the container, unscrew the screw on the back of the printer, lift up the device and pull out the container from the bottom of the printer. Replace absorbent material and reinstall container. The procedure must be performed with the printer turned off.

Pay attention! Changing the physical diaper 1749772 will not fix the electronic diaper bug. To reset the diaper error, you must purchase an ink counter reset key or use the free reset with the Epson Adjustment Program.


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