0xEA error code can appear on any Epson inkjet printer. This error is fatal and completely blocks the operation of the printer, as well as all related functions, such as scanning or copying. In this article, we will try to help you solve the 0xEA error yourself. But please note, if you do not have experience in troubleshooting electronic devices yourself and are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact professional service centers.

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Epson’s official interpretation of the 0xEA error

In the Epson service engineer’s manual, the error 0xEA is defined as “CR load position excess load error”, which means an overload on the CR node.

Possible reasons for this error are called:

  • CR Encoder failure (contaminated/detached scale, Encoder Board failure)
  • CR Motor failure
  • Carriage overload error (paper jam/foreign object)
  • Cable disconnection

Why does the 0xEA error occur?

Among the main causes of the 0xEA error, it is worth mentioning:

  • failure to follow the user instructions when starting the printer for the first time;
  • improper installation of consumables;
  • a consequence of long-term use of the printer;
  • factory failure of the printer.

How to fix error 0xEA?

In this article, we will look at several steps that you can take yourself to fix the 0xEA error.


  • We do not in any way encourage you to solve the problem with your printer yourself. We are not responsible for actions taken as a result of reading this instruction.
  • In this sequence, a general algorithm of actions is indicated, which is universal and suitable for most Epson models. If you are interested in the action algorithm for a specific Epson printer model, contact us in the comments of this post!
  • The images in this post may not match your printer model. For images with your printer model – contact us in the comments to this post!

Step 1: Visual inspection

Open the technical compartment of the printer. It is usually located under the scanner and in order to open it, you need to lift the scanner. Carefully inspect the internal parts of the printer. Make sure there are no foreign objects inside the printer that could interfere with the movement of the printer carriage. These items often include packing materials that were not properly removed when the printer was first unpacked. In addition, the movement of the carriage can often block jammed paper. Foreign objects, for example, a pencil or a button, often fall into the inner part.

If you find one of the foreign objects inside the printer, try to get them out. Be careful not to damage the internal components of the printer. It happens that the foreign object cannot be removed without complete or partial disassembly of the printer. In this case, you will need the Service Manual.

Make sure that the electronic cable that runs from the carriage to the printer main board is not bent or interfering with the movement of the carriage.

Be careful and do not unnecessarily touch the electronic cable and other internal elements of the printer – you can contaminate or damage them.

If you are using compatible supplies, such as the Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), make sure that the parts of these supplies do not interfere with the movement of the printer carriage in any way. When using CISS, most often an incorrectly laid ink plume can block the carriage.To exclude this option, with the printer powered off, try to move the printer carriage from one side to the other with your hand, and make sure that the cable does not get jammed or stretched. If the CISS cable interferes with the movement of the carriage – try to change its length by changing its position in the fixing clips.

If you use chipless firmware – make sure that the cartridges of your consumables are inserted correctly and do not interfere with the movement of the carriage

Also, make sure that the internal elements of the printer are not mechanically damaged. This primarily concerns the positioning scale and carriage belt.

epson scale
Placement of the internal elements of the printer on the example of the Epson Home Series

After a visual inspection and implementation of the recommendations we indicated above, reboot the printer and check if the 0xEA error has disappeared. If the error has not disappeared, go to the next step.

Step 2: Cleaning the carriage positioning scale

Epson uses a special scale and its optical encoder. This allows the printer to position the print head. The positioning scale has vertical lines of dark and light shades. This design allows the optical sensor to determine the position of the head. During long-term use or improper handling of the printer, contamination of the encoder scale occurs. These contaminations cause errors in the positioning of the carriage, which can lead to a 0xEA error.

Contamination of the scale must be excluded. Locate the encoder scale on the inside of the printer. For accurate orientation in the internal elements of the printer, use the diagram of the printer from the spare parts catalog. Usually, in such schemes, the required scale is called “SCALE,CR”. You will also need a piece of soft cloth or a cotton pad. So, turn off the printer and open its technical compartment. Locate the positioning scale and gently wipe it with a cloth dampened with alcohol (or strong alcohol). Be very careful not to damage the positioning scale. Do not pull the scale too much – it can tear it from its mounts. The scale must be wiped from both sides. Check the cloth you used to clean the scale. Most likely, there will be traces of dirt or ink on it. Wipe the scale until the traces of dirt on the cloth disappear. Wait a few minutes for the remaining alcohol to evaporate from the positioning scale. Turn on the printer and verify that the 0xEA error is gone.


Step 3: Spare parts replacement

Error 0xEA can be caused by the wear of some parts during long-term use of the printer. Firstly, this applies to the engine that drives the printer carriage. In most Epson spare parts catalogs it is called MOTOR,ASSY.,CR. This motor does a lot of work because it powers every movement of the carriage. Not infrequently, it simply wears out. In this case, it cannot move the carriage and the printer signals this with the error 0xEA. Accordingly, this engine will need to be replaced to correct this error. If you can hold a screwdriver, you should be able to make this replacement, as it is typical and not difficult for most Epson home printers. To replace, you will need the engine itself, a screwdriver and inspiration. You can find the exact engine part number for your model in the Spare Parts Catalog. Using this number, you can purchase the necessary spare part. Also, you will need a Service Manual, which will help you know the sequence of actions for replacing the motor. If you want to get detailed instructions on replacing the carriage motor for your printer model – write to us in the comments.

The carriage motor in the Epson printer
The carriage motor in the Epson printer

Less often, but there are still cases when the carriage itself (CR ASSY.,ASP), or rather its guides, fails. In this case, a replacement will also be required. The carriage is replaced according to the same algorithm as the engine. However, replacing the carriage is quite difficult, as it requires disassembling the print head and disassembling a significant number of mechanical parts of the printer. We do not recommend replacing the card yourself, because it is quite rarely the cause of the 0xEA error.

Also, the 0xEA error can be caused by jamming or failure of the parking place of the print head (CAP ASSY.). In this case, we also do not advise you to intervene on your own, but recommend contacting a specialized service center.

Step 4: Contact the service center

The problems with components described above can arise both as a result of natural wear and tear, and due to factory defects. If you have recently purchased your Epson printer and have already received the 0xEA error, the first thing we advise you to do is to contact the warranty service center to fix the error free of charge under warranty. Remember, if you perform any independent intervention in the design of the printer – the Epson warranty may be canceled.

Is it possible to use Epson 0xEA Repair Tool?

Some sites claim that you can download some scanning programs or Epson 0xEA Repair Tool to your computer to solve the 0xEA error. We assure you that this is nonsense. The error that we consider in this article is purely mechanical and not related to the software components of the printer or its firmware. And any software interventions, including error scanning or firmware downloads, will not help to solve the 0xEA problem. The only thing that may require software in solving this error is the very identification of the error on devices that are not equipped with a display. In this case, you may need Epson Adjustment Program or Print Help.


In this article, we considered the causes and methods of solving the 0xEA error in Epson printers. This error is usually caused by malfunctions in the movement of the printer carriage. Such failures can be caused by the presence of foreign objects inside the printer, contamination of the device components, their failure due to natural wear or factory defects. If you are inclined to maintain equipment – it will not be difficult for you to correct the error yourself. If your printer is still under warranty, we advise you to contact an Epson service center.

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