Epson L4150

Epson L4150

Epson L4150 is a 3-in-1 Wi-Fi multifunction device. Reliable and cost-effective representative of the new generation of the Epson Print Factory series: with front-mounted ink tanks, containers with an integrated protective valve and an advanced Key Lock refill system.

“Key Lock” is a unique system for safe ink refilling

Front-facing tanks make it easier for users to keep track of remaining ink levels. In addition, this design makes new items up to 30% more compact than similar devices of the previous model range. The improved ink pumping system speeds up the initial printer initialization procedure by half. You no longer need to worry about mixing up colors when refilling ink: containers of different colors have a different refill spout shape that fits only one refill port in a key-and-lock fashion. From now on, users do not need to be afraid that they will get their hands dirty when refilling ink: with new generation ink containers with a special internal valve, this is eliminated. When the container is inserted into the refill port, the valve opens and ink begins to flow into the printing system. As soon as you take the container out of the filling hole, the valve closes and the ink remains inside, even if the container is upside down.

Wireless connectivity and mobile printing

The advantages of a wireless connection is that being in any corner of an apartment or office, the user can quickly print the necessary documents or photos from any device with Wi-Fi support or scan the necessary materials onto it. In addition, you can save space on your desktop by installing the printer in a convenient location. Download and install one of the free Epson Connect service apps on your mobile device (iOS or Android), The service apps allow you to print documents and photos from mobile devices, as well as scan any material. In addition, you can send documents and photos for printing by e-mail by entering the e-mail address assigned to the printer in the address bar.

Color palette

Epson L4150 uses four colors for printing: black, yellow, cyan and magenta ink. The black ink in the Epson L4150 is pigmented and provides crisp text and graphics on plain paper that dry instantly, don’t smudge when highlighted with a marker, and don’t bleed when exposed to water. Water-soluble inks are responsible for bright, rich colors and smooth transitions of shades on photo paper. It is this combination of pigment and water-soluble inks that guarantees the excellent quality of printing documents and photos.

What do we have for the Epson L4150?

On this page you will find everything you need for Epson L4150: instructions and manuals, printer features and specifications, drivers and firmware, consumables and spare parts, error codes and troubleshooting.

Table of main characteristics

Full model name Epson EcoTank L4150
Category Home
Functions Print; Copy; Scan
Printer type Ink-jet
Printing Method Epson Micro Piezo
Nozzle Configuration 180 Nozzles Black, 59 Nozzles per Color
Minimum Droplet Size 3 pl, With Variable-Sized Droplet Technology
Printing Resolution 5760×1440 DPI
Ink type in originals Epson Claria ET Premium
Original cartridge number Europe – 101
Palette Black – Pigment; Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Grey – Dye
Waste Ink Pads Tipe Absorbent pad
Free Waste Ink Pad Resetter Epson Adjustment Program
Print head number FA04060
Waste Ink Pads Number 1738195
All Spare Parts Epson L4150 Spare Parts Catalog
Chipless firmware There is no need
Installation CISS There is no need, the factory CISS is installed

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