Original firmware

Original firmwareOriginal firmware for printers is the internal firmware for printers. Firmware control all actions and parameters of the printer, they ensure the monitoring of the ink or toner level, the correct connection to the network, the printing itself and all the niche functions of the printer.

For the correct operation of all functions of the printer, it is important that its firmware is always updated. On this page you will find the latest version of the original firmware for your printer.

It is not rare that some problems with printers are caused by failures in the firmware. In such cases, it is necessary to reload the firmware or use a different version of the firmware.

In most cases, original firmware files are used by printer repair service engineers to fix errors or to download chipless firmware.

Please note that if you are using chipless firmware, downloading the original firmware will cause the printer to stop printing and ask for the original cartridges again.

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