Chipless firmware

Chipless firmware helps solve the problem of high cost consumables for printing.

Original inkjet cartridges are equipped with a chip that monitors the level of ink in the cartridges. Tracking occurs at the electronic level, by subtracting the approximate amount of ink used from the electronic level, which is determined by the chip. At the end of the electronic ink level – the printer refuses to accept cartridges, displaying a message about the need to replace it. As a rule, the electronic ink level coincides with the physical presence of ink in the cartridge, but the physical refilling of the cartridge will not help in any way to solve the problem with the electronic ink level. The only solution is to buy new, rather expensive original cartridges.

In response to such restrictions by printer manufacturers, manufacturers of compatible consumables have emerged, notably CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) and Refillable Cartridges. They also come with compatible ink, the price of which is an order of magnitude lower than the original cartridges. At the same time, the compatible “consumables” differ little in quality from the original.

Manufacturers of compatible consumables have learned to bypass the electronic ink levels of the original cartridge chip with resettable or resettable chips. The resettable chip is also programmed with an electronic ink level. But unlike the original chips, the resettable ones have the functionality of resetting the ink level. After resetting the electronic ink level, the printer recognizes the chip as new and continues to print, thus providing users with an alternative to expensive original materials. Moreover, in the markets of the post-Soviet countries, alternative consumables have occupied a significant share of the “consumables” market.

Printer manufacturers naturally do not like this development of the market situation and they began to take measures to protect their original chips. On each new printer model, the manufacturer tries to protect its chips on cartridges as best as possible, which does not allow developers of compatible resettable chips to quickly and efficiently produce alternative products. In addition, even if the developers of the “compatibility” manage to find the right algorithms and develop a resettable chip, printer manufacturers immediately respond to this and release printer firmware updates that disable resettable chips for compatible consumables.

Chipless firmware has become a new stage in the development of alternative consumables. This version of the firmware allows you to completely disable the monitoring of the ink level in the printer using the chip on the cartridges. After installing the chipless firmware, the electronic ink level will always be 100%. Installing a chipless firmware allows you to use compatible consumables without problems and significantly save on originals.

When using chipless firmware, you must:

1.Reject all software updates offered by the printer manufacturer. The upgrades offered may include printer firmware upgrades that will remove the chipless firmware.

2. As consumables, use ink supply systems with external ink tanks – CISS. Since the printer no longer monitors ink levels, you need to do this. The presence of external ink tanks greatly simplifies this task. In addition, modern CISS are easy to refill and have a design that matches the design of the printer itself.

The algorithm for installing chipless firmware is quite simple and you can do it yourself by following our instructions.

If you have any difficulties installing or activating a chipless firmware, our specialists are always ready to carry out a remote consultation in Telegram.

Please note that when installing chipless firmware on your own, we are not responsible for the final result.